daughters of d-day:

    finding our fathers



Who We Are


We are the daughters (as well as son, nieces, nephews, and other types of relations or friends) of World War II veterans who served in the European or Pacific theatres and participated in combat.

We are looking for other men and women whose fathers (or other family or friends) fought in Europe, in the Pacific campaign, or anywhere during the span of World War II.  We'd like to hear their stories. 

Our goal is to listen, to tell, to share, and to try to come to know how our those stories are woven into our own and form one tapestry.      

This project, created by women who have the shared experience of being raised by a father who served in combat during World War II, is attempting to build a chronicle of stories of what we know about our fathers, of our experiences being raised by these men, and how those experiences affected and continue to affect our lives.

Although started by two women whose fathers participated in the Normandy campaign, we are interested in all daughters and sons of World War II veterans who saw combat.  The goal of this project is to collect and preserve all of the stories we can, and make it possible to learn about our fathers and ultimately ourselves through careful listening to the stories our fathers told to us, or the stories that they didn't tell and we are just learning about now.

Please contact us, send stories, and generally begin a dialog about the fathers we love, the men they were before and became after the war, the daughters and sons they raised, and the women and men we are today.